Friday, September 28, 2007

My Sister's Keeper

This week's "Within the Quote" features a short media clip by a former student of mine from Spelman College, now graduate student at the University of Chicago. She observed the relative lack of national attention paid to black women who are victims of sexual violence and created this video clip to make sure that in our rush to rescue our men in Jena, Louisiana that we not forget black women who have been dealt injustices by the system as well. It shouldn't have to be an either/or situation.

The movement must be big enough to come to the rescue of our men when they are in threat of hanging from a judicial hangman's noose and be able to come to the aid of its women when we are victimized by sexual violence and are in threat of being stripped of our dignity by the legal system.


Fal said...

Ashe, Ashe!!

k said...

Life "comes with some intricate, interesting work to be done. At some have to wake up or put yourself to sleep. And everything is designed to encourage spiritual and mental sleep." Toni Morrison

I hear the cries and screams of my sisters like never before. Right now, somewhere in virtual space I want to create a wailing wall for the violence and injustice against black women. WE sisters have some work to do.


Fal said...

Well, Katherine

You should visit the blog/website,

Because we are presently mobilizing:

1. To make sure justice is served in Logan County where Megan Williams was held for a month not a week. Go here for an update

2. To make sure that on October 31, 2007, the day Women of Color Wear Red is not just a "loud" bandage, but an affective/effective display of dissidence against violence against women.

So if you want to help in our efforts, please forward the movie clip you viewed on this site,

And visit on blog/website that we will continue to update about October 31, 2007.

Peace and Liberation

Fal said...
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Georgia's Angels said...

Today i'm feeling very emotional.I have been forceed to remember Occtober 19, 1964, the day of my 9th grade graduation trip and the day my best friend died. Susie was fourteen and taking a short cut through Branch Brook Park to take film to the drug store of pictures we had taken at the world's Fair;she was raped and stabbed fourteen times. Over the years violence against girls and women has increased and as back then very little was said about it. I even recall some of the church women asking "what was she doing in the park?", as if that should justify someone killing her. I believe that unless women take a stand against violence against girls and and women for any reason we will never see and end to this horror. I my daughter and gradaughters will wear red. I'm going to wear red in memory of my friend. I'm going to ask everyone I know including some of our female elected officals to participate in this observance. After reading this blog I went to look and see what I owned that was red. I am from the Moses generation, in those days the Pentacostal faith preached against womem who wore red. I remember being told once "you got on red shoes and a red dress like a full fledge whore" I was sixteen had no knowledge of what see meant. I stopped wearing red for twenty years after that. I thought about the movie Women of Brewster Place and how Jack'ee was dressed in red when she attracted the attention of the good minister. What I know today that I didn't know yesterday is that the color of her dress was not the issue, she was vunerable and he took full advantage of that fact. Yes I'll wear red from head to toe for all the women that have died without justice,but more for those who will die unless we do something and it needs to happen right away.

Fal said...

Ashe, Ashe, Georgia's Angels

Thank you for sharing your story of red. Your comments are always thought provoking and enlightening.

I have a question, would you be interested in featuring your comment about wearing red on our blog/website,


I think your story of why you're wearing red symbolizes the importance of what we hope to accomplish with Wearing Red on October 31, 2007.

If you are interested, please email me at

k said...
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k said...


I will take heed and be in touch because the list keeps growing with the Nailah Franklin tragedy and the Anucha Browne-Sanders case. Regardless of our differences and debates we must gather to allay violence.

"I felt I had to tell the truth. I could not keep silent." Anita Hill, October 1991.


Anonymous said...

An excellent choice in color - RED! The blood will never lose it's power!!!!! I can't wait!

Don't forget to check out the What About Our Daughters blog.